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Back mounted exo vest - advice

Tom Wilkinson

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Hi , if you have no prob with connecting and adjusting your arm and you can handle it, and also if you have no problem with the range space area working with your xARM , the xBONE will not feel any better and will add additional weight that might not be something you like at all times. The xARM is a beast and can take the different positioning forces with out problem, and you are working with the lightest possible configuration. I designed the xBONE so that one can adjust tilt tooless and to be able to reach the adjustments and have the correct space area range to work around different moves, other than that , I think if you are happy with your set up and overcome those probs, thats all it matters and you dont need to add anything, unless you feel limited in any kind of moves. The first proto of the xBONE was just a small back mount arm that pretty much did what you are doing, but only had the twist knob adjustment to do this easier, and I found it working well for me, but others with bigger body size didnt and felt limited, so it all depends on many factors , and operating style for every individual. Thank you.

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Hey Matteo,

You certainly have found a unique setup.  If it works for you, all the more power to you.  I fly the Klassen back mount with a PRO Titan arm.  According to PRO, the arm is designed to work with a front mount vest.  Using the PRO arm with a back mount creates a straight connection between the socket block and the arm, instead of the arm bending at the connection to the vest / socket block.  Having the arm come straight out of the socket block creates more stress than the springs in the PRO arm are designed to handle.  According to Jack at GPI, its only a matter of time until that spring fails.  He sees this the most when using vehicle mounts.  Klassen makes the PRO Rigid Socket adapter to fix this issue with back mounted setups.  I'm not familiar with the X Arm, but wondering if the X Arm has the same issues as the PRO arm in combination with back mounted setups?  I'd hate to see your X Arm fail because of the mounting angle.

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