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Dave Young @ PodFilms

One man band audio monitoring?

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I'm flying a C300 on a Scout for national news VT's, using digital radio mics. Currently I set the audio levels using headphones before shooting and check playback afterwards. Can anyone suggest a way of monitoring during shooting without having headphones plugged in to the camera (compromising balance)?


Dave Young

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Hi Dave,

I'm not a sound person, so I don't know all the pieces involved, though I would explore how to wirelessly send a signal to a pack you could wear, then use a single-ear earpiece (so you can still hear what's around you - I use this one) to monitor. In the narrative world, Comteks are used often for the same purpose - I use them to hear dialog if the actors are physically too far away to hear and I need to move on a line. Not sure what you'd need to get from point A to point B gear-wise, though I'd try that.

As Paulius mentioned, you likely won't be able to change levels (unless it's a live-switched show and you do it while your tally isn't on), though you'll at least know if something is wrong. 

Happy flying!



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