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Michael Stumpf in Venezuela

Erwin Landau

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Well, I don't know if I'd of wanted to do this in Cuba...being American and all! :D


The campaign for this shoot is going to Greece next, then to Turkey!

Things went VERY well on the shoot and everyone was REALLY pleased. Sooo, I was sure to let them know I was willing and able to make the trips to Greece and Turkey as well! B)

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This shoot was in February 2004.


This shot was on the island of Margarhita.

We also shot on another small island (the name is escaping me right now) as well as several places in and around Caracas.


My first AC was a guy named Christian from Germany (the DP is German) and the other AC's were local.


The girls in Venezuela are very "playful" and yes, the way they flirt calls into question whether they are just that way, or whether they just want a free pass to the U.S.

I had a 16 year old girl follow me around and offer to "meet up later" if I had nothing else to do. When I was walking down the street with a few of the crew members, she ran out of a store, calling my name, and walked me back into the store to introduce me to her mother!!


That was strange.

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