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Vest bag, Arm bag and Sled bag

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Who uses the Fikenca (Modular 51/Rock Steady) Vest bag? Do you ship with it (and if so, with the arm inside it?)? I've traditionally used a simple duffle bag for my vest unless shipping and then I use a Pelican 1650. My vest took a little too much abuse on my last job (perhaps someone threw something on top of the bag in the camera truck?). Hard to say - could just as easily be that it's over a decade old, but the plastic in the upper left shoulder strap broke (still buckled and worked but loses some structural integrity). Anyway, I'm having Pro give it a complete overhaul but was just looking at these bags contemplating going with something a little more heavy duty (then again I've been doing the duffel bag thing for over twenty years). Thoughts for general day to day use as well as shipping?

 Oh, and size! I seem to recall looking at one a long time ago and thinking it was rather large. No dimensions listed on site. Thank you.


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