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Harinder Masson

Need advice on is this is a good rig to start

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Hey all, 

Would like some advice on if its this is a good starting point for me to learn to better operate a steadicam.


My only experience so far is operating an artemis and trinity at a workshop near me in Brooklyn a while back. I'd like to get back into it and i need to consider overall weight of rig which i estimate to be 20-26lbs 

My Rig: 

Arri Alexa Classic 

Odyssey 7q+ as external recorder and monitor

Rokinon Xeen CF 50mm 

Anton Bauer HC Dionic battery 



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No that is not a good rig to start out on. To fly a classic you really want a “Big Rig”. Look at what is being shifted on the used market for a Tiffen, GPI-Pro or the likes

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Dave is correct. While I suspect this is a lot more than you're looking at spending (and doesn't include an arm and vest), this is the type of sled you should have to fly an Alexa classic (or other "full sized camera").


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Thanks guys, 

I thought the price may have been too good to be true. I think I'll invest in one once I do a week-long steadicam workshop. For now I might roll with a flycam easyrig set up just so I can perform better on handheld. 

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