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Need advice on is this is a good rig to start

Harinder Masson

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Hey all, 

Would like some advice on if its this is a good starting point for me to learn to better operate a steadicam.


My only experience so far is operating an artemis and trinity at a workshop near me in Brooklyn a while back. I'd like to get back into it and i need to consider overall weight of rig which i estimate to be 20-26lbs 

My Rig: 

Arri Alexa Classic 

Odyssey 7q+ as external recorder and monitor

Rokinon Xeen CF 50mm 

Anton Bauer HC Dionic battery 



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I have bought this one last week and have been learning it since then. My gear is a rigged out BMPCC4K, with cage, lanparte mattebox, monitor, Battery,.. Weight is about 14pnds.

A lot less then the Arri I wish I had, but for my kind of setup, it  seems to do the job.

Hope this one will serve me well for the smaller jobs I'm doing but will upgrade when the time is right and can justify the cost.

I will also do a review, keep it touch of interested, hope u found something fitting the Classic!


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I totally understand your desire to practice the new skills you've been taught but right now the money you'd spend on that could go somewhere more useful. I'd also be wary of any product that shows operators using their rig in bad form, lol. Definitely save your money for flying something like the Alexa. Lots of used big rigs for sale now.

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