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What HME’s do people recommend?

Christopher Moone

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Hi Steve,

actually I've worked on a lot of multicam productions during the last 1-2 years with this system. Only as a camera operator, so I dunno about all the functions of the base station.

Here are a few things:

-The audio quality isn't the best. Especially if you compare them to Riedel or Clear Com (at least that's what we use in Germany the most)

- the headset mics have a weird gate, that sometimes you're latched in, but nobody can hear you. You have to bob the mic so the gate opens and its working again. Sometimes, really annyoing.

- The 3,5mm jack is a great feature

- You can get a tally system included which works with the blackmagic switches and you have the tally in the beltpack.

- The size of the beltpacks is good and the headsets are quiet comfy

- Stabilty of the connection is a hit and miss sometimes. If there are some interferences it can get really bad and you hear nothing from the director or control room.

- The latch and mute button is really annoying, but something I found out really late: The headset mic has a switch on/off, when you rotate the mic up to the earpad. So normally, I'm latched in the whole time and just swivel the mic up and down.

- Can't say much abot battery life, a swe always put the in the charging station in the breaks.


So in conclusion: I always prefer working with a ClearCom or Riedel, but the value for money is actually quiet good - concerning multicam productions. I'm not sure if it's the best system for conventional single camera productions. I'd say that it depends much on the location in that case.

Let me know, if you have any more questions I'll can answer.

Cheers, Paul


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Riedel Bolero is by far the best and most versatile intercom I have come across so far and by far the most expensive too.

I lets you tie in comtec and regular radios. You can create groups like camera, operators, grips, etc. Talk to groups or individuals.

One antenna supports 10 belt packs. Belt packs have bluetooth. We used these headset on the last show. 

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