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Christopher Moone

What HME’s do people recommend?

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I like the Eartec Ultralights - base station is built in to one of the headsets, batteries last a long time, good clear communication. Also, if I’m not remembering wrong, swinging the mouthpiece up out of the way mutes it, so you’re not listening to every conversation nearby. 

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Yeah, I'm terribly unexcited about using these things as I've traditionally held fast to the belief that the only thing I want to hear during a take are the people with SAG cards in front of me. Alas, this and my AC now being farther from the camera (something else I hate) and being forced off set to keep the numbers down while lighting are the new reality. Let's hope people follow good etiquette and be silent during the take. On that note, any HME's I use I wish to have the ability to feed the Comtek into it so I only have to deal with one device and headset.

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