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Smartsystem Vest + ArmX1 + Extreme Sled

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I am a newbie in the world of steadicam, took a workshop last year, and planning to get rig by this year end. 

I would like to have your opinions on Smartsystem package which as Vest Lite, Armx1 and Extreme sled. I have seen a lot of operators using ArmX1 and few of them using Extreme sled with all of them very happy with it. I haven't tried these, also I don't see a chance to try this anytime before 2021 in expo.


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I tried arm X1 and matrix sled and I can say they’re both fabulous. 
Arm X1 is really light and compact. It's not bulky and allows you freedom of movement even in very narrow places.
The sled, also light, is quick to set. It's provided with weights to put and remove for a perfect balance.

And, yes, Smartsystem gear make you satisfied and happy! 

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