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Exovest Issue

Nick Almanza

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I've had the exovest for a short while and still absolutely love it! But just yesterday I had a piece of it fall off that was supposed to be held by two screws. Luckily none of this happened during a take or while holding camera. I lost one of the screws but recovered the second one as well as the circular shaped plate that they were mounted to. I was able to buy a replacement screw at Home Depot today but wanted to ask if anyone had this happen to them before?

To give a little more context, the pieces fell off after I had bumped my shoulder while walking through a door frame. I wouldn't say that I even bumped into it hard as I was walking a pretty calm pace exploring the set I was on. After I replaced the screw, I tightened it fairly tight to prevent it from happening again but noticed I couldn't swivel that should strap over to the metal latch. So I had to loosen it a bit until it felt comfortable. Does this mean that it might happen again? Thanks for any replies or solutions!



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Hi Nick,

Clearly this should not happen. Even if you did bump the vest, bits should not fall off it—sorry for that. If you send me your address, I’ll have some new screws shipped out to you. 

That joint with the circular plate is there so you can confirm the vest to the shape of your shoulder girdle. There’s an explanation of how to do that in the manual, and there’s a video on my website, link below. Once the vest is the right shape for your body, and the shoulder latch closes easily, all 8 screws holding the shoulder section should be tightened and sealed with Loctite 222. 

if you’ve any further questions, I’ll be happy to arrange a video call with you. Please contact me at chris@steadivision.com

Here’s a link to the Exovest videos The one you’re looking for is Sizing the Exovest  You’ll find other videos about working with the vest there too  


All the best,


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Hey Chris!

Thanks for the reply. Unless you absolutely believe its necessary to the vest, I don't think you'll need to worry about sending out new screws but I appreciate the offer! That's very kind of you! I just finished watching the video in the link you sent and made some minor adjustments to my vest as your video instructed. So hopefully it all works out! I'll have to look into getting some Loctite 222 though.

But yeah, if I have any other questions, I'll definitely reach out!

Thanks again!


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