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problem signing in and passwords

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Hi there I already sent a mail to Tim Tyler, but I thought I also write here to see why this happens.

Every time I try to sign in after signing out of the forum, the system will no recognize my password or keep me signed in ticking the box , and when I put the password on it will tell me its the wrong password. The only way to sign in is to choose the option FORGOT PASSWORD and then I receive a mail that guides me to change password and as soon as I do I'm signed in. But if I sign out and try to sign in again it will again tell me that the new password is again incorrect. I must have done this over 8-9 times already so anyone else that might have this prob could comment. The passwords are ALWAYS correct in both characters and capitals so something funky is been happening.



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This exact thing has happened to me in the past. Even after resetting time and time again the same problem would happen. I emailed Tim and he was able to see my password and let me know of a space that I had inadvertently put in my password and that fixed it. Could be something funky like that. Either way only the Admin can help you. Good luck! And by the way I LOVE my x-mount and Mitchell adapter and can't wait to see the completed vest! 

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Tim's issue was due to a mis-typed user name.

Konstantino - the problem is likely that your web browser or password app has multiple logins stored for this site. You might try deleting all of the stored passwords and starting fresh. Sorry for the trouble.

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