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Jesse Bray

About to invest but would like some seasoned flyers to double check my thoughts

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Hey everyone!

New to the forum and did some digging on questions already asked which helped.

Looking to move from shooting primarily higher end real estate with motorized gimbals / dslrs to steadicam / production work.

I’m able to invest in a zephyr vest, sled, and G50x arm. Do some self learning and hopefully go down to a workshop when this virus situation dies down. 
Obviously it’s a decent chunk of change so would like to know if anyone would go about it differently or has any advice? Would be extremely appreciated! 

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Where do you live (what market)? When you say you are looking to move to "steadicam / production work," can you be more specific? 

While I applaud your motivation and your desire to spend Covid times doing something, be carful of doing too much self-learning before you get proper instruction. This could lead to bad habits that are hard to undo. I highly recommend a workshop before purchase which is of course easier said than done considering the times we live in. The SOA in PA (and now elsewhere) has superb workshops where you'll get to try many different types of rigs with a group of instructors from various backgrounds, who all make a living do various kinds of Steadicam. 

Also, the used market is littered with great finds so you'll have a better understanding of what is right for you after a workshop.

Good luck.




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