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zephyr with ronin-s

Manuel Mack

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hello -

this is my new setup: a steadicam zephyr with a ronin-s on top. for small budget content productions.

the ronin-s with camera (bmpcc 4k) + lens, mattebox, wireless followfocus and teradek weights 5 kg.

has anyone tried this too? love to change informations.





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i think you will like it. for me, beeing new in the steadicam theme, it is a simple solution to get to smooth shots without having much experience in operating a steadicam like a pro.

as you can see this is just a weight balancing test if it works. and i works great when the ronin-s is activated. next step will be to power the universal mount through the zephyr power connerctor to get rid of the cables. the ronin-s is free to pan 360 cause it´s all (camera, teradek, follow focus, camera) powered through the universam mount. like a little trinity.

the ronin-s can be remote controlled externally by the dji force pro, wheels or a rc controller from a second operator if necessary


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Hi Manuel, I am also on similar situation. 

I have a S as Carl but not working perfectly due to not logical way of work for the Ronin S. The SR2 works much better also on the horizontal way. I am a bit scared about weight, not sure if the Steadycam Scout can run much longer with it. 

What do you think ? 

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I’m currently an Arri trinity op, but I started out with the zephyr! Looks like your having fun Manuel! My advice would be to be careful having the post extended all the way out, my experience with the zephyr is it caused vibrations when moving fast. And don’t push the arm to its full weight capacity it likes to be around 5-10lbs under or some where in the middle for optimal dampening. 

hope that helps have fun!

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I’ve lately been wondering the same thing. I’ve had my Zephyr for about a decade. It will be nice to breathe some new life into it with these capabilities. I’ve ordered the Tilta power base. We have a running in a park shoot in a couple of weeks, perhaps this could be a good test. 

Maybe my arm is a bit different than Charles’ was, but we’ve definitely loaded it up a lot heavier with no ill effects. Started on a Red One MX which probably was 15 lbs+, and regularly these days run any RED DSMC or the Panasonic Varicam LT or the Arri Mini fully loaded. To be clear though- I think the Zephyr came in two “weight classes”, and we did get the beefy original version, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully extended its post (just haven’t had to). Super jelly about your Arri Trinity job, Charles! Good for you, man!

Great idea, Manuel!

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