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Compact Vest/Vest fit

Caitlin Kleiboer

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Hi all! Wondering if anyone has a line on a compact vest.  I'm open to a compact Zephyr or a compact Ultra. Sadly, Steadicam is no longer making the compact Zephyr, and B&H has them as part of a full Zephyr kit that they won't unbundle & just sell me the vest. No word yet from a couple of other retailers. I love the Ultra vest but it's a bit out of my price range new right now. We're on a Aero 30 now so the Zephyr vest is the 'right' size for what we're working with now, but the Ultra would certainly last me longer & on more rigs. 

Alternatively, any other smaller operators have advice on getting the standard vests to fit better?  I'm certainly on the smaller side of operators (5'1 & a size 2) and just can't seem to get the standard vest to feel right on me. 

Thanks all! 

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Hi Caitlin,

I understand your dilemma. Vests are such a personal choice. I do suggest you try the Zephyr again. It’s got more built-in adjustability than many vests because of the shoulder Velcro, yet it’s rigid enough for up to G50 loads (IMO). I’ve noticed that it’s Garrett Brown’s go-to vest for workshop demos, yet it is usually the best fit for smaller ops. 

If you get one, I’ll be happy to help advise you how to alter it—should that prove necessary. Meanwhile, it’s worth holding out a little longer for your perfect Ultra vest, if you can. Try the Facebook groups that deal in buying and selling Steadicam gear.

Wishing you the best of luck, 



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