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Vest for very tall operators (Zephyr Vest Currently)

Jason Beharie

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Hi all!

I recently got my hands on a Aero 30 with Zephyr Vest but I'm struggling to feel comfortable in the vest. I'm close to 6ft 9 inches tall and the shoulder pads just don't feel like they are sitting well, the distribution just feels a bit weird even after different adjustment have been made.

Is maybe the Zephyr Vest not suitable for someone my height? Are there any better suited vests for someone my height? Can anything be done to the Zephyr Vest for the time being?

Thanks all! 

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Hey Jason, 

There are two versions of the zephyr vest, a regular and a compact. If you have the compact version it will definitely not be good fit but at your height the regular might be rough also. GPI pro and Walter Klassen both take measurements when you order a vest from them to make sure it will fit right and both of them would be great vest for if you upgrade your rig in the future. 

If you get a GPI vest order it without the socket block and you'll save a good $1000ish 

Also Tiffen may be able to help you out if your contact them Directly, I use a pro so I can't say for sure 

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