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Steadicam being used as a tripod

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,Hi everyone,

I am currently on a shooting a series that is 55 days long, I am operating as A cam and Steadicam cam  and we are around 3 weeks in and they keep using the steadicam as a tripod quite often since it takes around 15 minutes to switch from steadicam to tripod and it's starting to affect my back. Has anyone had an experience like this before and how did you handle it.




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If you don't have any other choice, this could help you :

- Have an assistant Raising or lowering your docking stand to the correct height for the shot

- Put your Sled on the balancing stud

- Put a magic arm between your post and the stand

- Frame the shot, than tighten the magic arm


Not as sturdy as a tripod but can sometimes help.


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Many years ago I was on a show and this exact thing was happening all the time .Like Cedric I was using 2 magic arms and for most setups was quick and easy .My assistant presented me with this embroiled velcro backed slogan .I now use the SOS plate and it works great . 


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We have all been in that situation. It’s hard to speak up but if it’s hurting you say something. Another solution to shooting off the stand is using a vehicle mount on a dolly or bazooka. They you have the arm to make corrections/boom etc. 

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