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Switching from Goofy to Regular

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Hello people, how are you??

I was curious to know if anyone has switched from goofy to regular o viceversa...When I pictured myself operating steadicam, before owning one, I would always see myself operating goofy...specially because I thought I would have more control with my right hand, since Im right handed and footed. So when I did my workshop and started operating (and then got my own rig) I have always operated goofy...And it makes sense to have the camera on my right...

If I use a skateboard or similar, I do it with my right foot in front

BUT, during this 2020 quarentine, I have been bored and I took the time to practice a lot of things I dont normally practice...I would try really different drop-times, even neutral, and stuff like that...So, I also tried operating regular...At first it was a big WTF! Some basic stuff felt extremely weird, like un/docking, attaching the arm, etc...but there were 2 things that were really different and felt freaky: having the camera on my left and operating with my left hand....After some time practicing, I got used to everything pretty fast: docking, undocking, attaching the arm and even my left hand feels more precise with my sled (I still feel like when I have to whip pan or make a big tilt, for example, I Ioose precision, but im confident I can work that out)...the only thing still bothering me a little bit is having the camera on my left...
But all the other things feel like regular is the correct side for me: walking feels MUCH better, positioning the arm with my right feels more SOLID, starts and lock off also look better and more solid...

Also, when operating goofy I sometimes feel the need to "control" my right hand (on the sled) because I realize I am puting more grip than I should...

Saldy I dont have a camera now to actually SEE if it looks better or not...this is all just FEELING. I will have my camera back in a couple of days

So I guess my question is: has anyone switched and why? How does it work for you? I feel that everything is telling me to go regular but having operated so much time with the camera on my right also plays a big part in not being convinced yet...

Ill appreciate any input!




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Good for you for practicing on both sides, and for questioning and experimenting. That's how we've progressed, operating wise, over the years.

Do what feels best. It seems from your description like going regular is the right (normal) way for you. It doesn't really matter how others feel.

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And I'll add that most people are right handed - the old arms required a lot more effort to boom up and down and people were often over controlling the sled with the gimbal hand - thus the right hand on the arm and left of the gimbal. Have fun playing.

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When I started operating Steadicam, I did it in goofy, and remained that way for several years. Then one day I was practicing a very slow creep forward and realised that I was struggling a little to maintain a steady shot. I switched to regular and it was totally weird and I thought I'll go back to goofy. But then I thought, no, let's persevere with goofy, and continued to practice over a number of days. Suddenly, I realised that my operating improved. I'm right handed but also I walk easier when I operate in regular. Slow creeps were much easier to execute as a result and I've never gone back. When I recently had a Volt fitted to my rig, it was installed in regular mode. I'm sure they'll be situations where I may have to switch to goofy to get around a specific situation but for sure, I now operate in regular position.

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