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Tiffen Ultra2 pkg. complete, USA only

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Tiffen Ultra2 package, sled, monitors, G70 arm, Klassen Universal harness . Ultra good shape. I bought it new.

HD UltraBrite2 ten inch monitor (very good outside in the sun,) G70 arm, Klassen Universal harness (I was 5'9", 33" waist when it was made for meIMG_4606.thumb.jpeg.ee307c5ae7c6d546c55376d2b847db73.jpeg)

Many extras!

Marshall spare 7" monitor and bracket (also bright and good outside.)

Low mode bracket

MANY cables (I can list them for ya)

Vehicle mount

Klassen soft bag for harness (I put the arm in there, too.)

Tiffen Thermodyne cases: two large ones and the smaller batteries/charger case

The side-to-side and fore-aft motors work, along with their remote controller

Six Tiffen Power Cube batteries and charger

I don't want to separate the package, although I might separate out the harness, if it just doesn't fit you, or you don't need it. I won't ship out of the continental USA. The package is in Indianapolis, IN, and you should come check it out.

American Grip Steadicam stand with TWO Tiffen docking bracketsIMG_4593.thumb.jpeg.d74fe13782c9cf10b04af57db8c74dc5.jpegIMG_4559.thumb.jpeg.96f3d8ac8c7e4e11cb768b4e305fa79a.jpegIMG_4564.thumb.jpeg.58d7ac9b82112b38c1aa21f27e7ddd0a.jpegIMG_4593.thumb.jpeg.d74fe13782c9cf10b04af57db8c74dc5.jpeg

I also have a Preston two motor system with lots of brackets and cables, but the MDR quit and Preston won't fix it. I haven't been able to find a replacement.

American Grip Steadicam stand with TWO Tiffen docking brackets








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It seems that the little battery in the fore-aft / side- side remote controller (that normally mounts on the gimbal handle) won't hold a charge. It worked long enough to show that the motors work, but I guess it needs to go to Tiffen for a battery replacement. I have not yet talked to Tiffen about this.

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