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Sony Venice Base Extension Block

Thomas Crescenzo

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In case anyone missed it, Ronford-Baker just announced a great little widget to help reduce vibration when flying a Sony Venice:


Sony Venice Base Extension Block

Originally requested by a Steadicam operator, they wanted the camera to connect onto the Steadicam as low as possible, but also increasing the surface area to reduce vibration. The block simply connects onto the base of the camera via 4 screws. The camera will now be completely flat, also reducing the overall height when mounted whilst adding very little additional weight to the body. Air vents in the camera body have not been covered.

The extension block will also connect onto a flat Arri Dovetail Plate so it can go straight onto a Ronford, Oconnor or compatible fluid head, or attach to our Quick Release system. You could also attach other third party shoulder rigs and accessories via the 3/8 holes.

Extension Block, Flat Arri Dovetail Base Plate and Quick Release Plates all available from Ronford Baker or through our International Dealers.

Production batch scheduled soon, please let us know if you are interested in any.

Thanks to Danny Hallett at Tiffen, Mike Thomas at Top Teks and to Marc Andre




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