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Andrew Brinkhaus

New Kid On The Block

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Hey all! I'm a Los Angeles based Local 600 Camera Operator, beyond excited to be joining the Steadicam family. I've been camera operating for over ten years, and a few years ago added the Ronin 2 to my toolbox for lightweight remote head use, with the occasional handheld job. In the latter situation however, I would much rather be on Steadicam! 

I have training scheduled with Greg Smith (Steadicam Lessons) soon, and have started the process of hunting down components for the rig I'd like to build. Beyond that, I hope to start spending time in the rig doing music videos, short/student films, etc to start getting those hours in, along with additional training w/ Greg. Looking back I wish I'd made this jump a long time ago, but hey, better late than never, right? :)

Cheers and thank you all for the wealth of knowledge already shared here on this fantastic site. 

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"Undercutting" comes naturally early in your career. You do not have the experience quite yet to be charging what experienced ops charge. Make sure production knows why though, as you don't want them having high expectations. Also, don't take a gig if you aren't ready for it. Word travels fast which can either work against you or for you. Best of luck and you have us all for information and help. 

Also, nothing against Greg but taking a SOA workshop will also work in your favor. Many experienced ops to learn from, giving you exposure to different techniques from different people. Discover what works or doesn't work for you. You will develop your own style in time, generally a combo of what you have learned from the various instructors. 

Any questions, feel free to ask.


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Hello Andrew!

I’m another newbie Los Angeles operator. I purchased a rig and had completed the SOA class weeks before the pandemic shut down. 

I had a great time at the SOA class, but your work will come from your phone, not your classmates. I’m not sure who you learn from matters in the end.


Think about stabilization as you construct your rig. I wish I’d realized how powerful the Volt was when I purchased my Artemis.


Honestly though, I’ve been considering packing up and leaving town. Shoot me a DM and you can come try it on.


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