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Nate Weaver

Scrambled Transvideo Menus?

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Anybody ever had their Transvideo monitor develop a scrambled menu?

I feel I'm on my own trying to fix this, I tried to get Transvideo Burbank to fix but I didn't have a great experience. I was very patient.

It's been suggested it just needs a firmware re-flash. If somebody knows this to be the case based on my attached pic, I'll go through the trouble of sending to France for that.

Otherwise it just may be a loss, unless I can find somebody else in the states to work on it?

Interestingly, the menus work. Just the characters are scrambled. Image in works perfectly as well, as do the function buttons. You just gotta have the menu memorized.







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Hopefully, there is a local operator that will come forward with a solution or even a firmware patch that will get you out of the bind. Wonder if pandemic issues behind the scenes are affecting the response time from Transvideo in your area. My experience with that office, while minimal, has been good in the past.

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