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I bought the vest earlier this year. Mainly just to try it out, but after a few practices and one attempt on set (about one hour of oping) , I decided to stick with my pro vest.

It has two slight blemishes, one from missing the shoulder latch when putting it on. And one that was received during transit when I returned the vest to tiffen to replace a few screws that were missing on the chest plate. They have been replaced and locktite'd in.

Essentially the vest is brand new, no sweating, comes with the extra pads and soft bag.


Plus shipping

PXL-20201014-234258842.jpg PXL-20201014-234227267.jpg PXL-20201014-234214666.jpg PXL-20201014-234158864.jpg PXL-20201014-234139601.jpg PXL-20201014-234146535.jpg

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