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Volt tilt bump on button press

Andrew Brinkhaus

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Hey all, been using my new Volt recently, absolutely love it. I do have an issue though, if I tilt to a specific frame, and then press the volt button, the tilt motor bumps or 'knocks' upwards slightly, which disturbs the frame. It seems that if I press the button and then only tilt a small amount before pressing it again it doesn't always bump. But if I go from looking straight forward (0° tilt) to 45° and press the button, it bumps before settling back to the position where I pressed the button. 

Using on an M-1, double and triple checked dynamic and neutral balance, Volt is on firmware 1.7. Any insights? 

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One of the changes to the firmware that Steve Wagner made to v1.7 was to briefly switch into sticky mode before returning to normal mode. I suggested that because sticky mode dampened problems with timing when releasing the tilt pressure after hitting the button. What I have found now is that if there is a "bump" up after hitting the button it is likely caused by a very slight error in static balance - the sled being slightly back heavy ; if there is a bump down, the reverse is true. I test it and make a slight fore/aft adjustment if there is a bump...

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Andrew, and Adam, and anyone else...

2 questions:

1 - have you tested changing fore/aft balance as I suggested above and then trying to hit the button after a tilt?  I would love to know if this is generally true that a slight error in fore/aft balance contributes to this “bump” or if it is just on my Volt.
2 - I have been thinking about increasing the length of time the Volt stays in sticky mode after hitting the button in normal mode.  It is a very short time now.  That might remove the .2 second anticipation you are using.  Any thoughts?

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