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Archer 2 sled drift when panning the gimbal with Volt

Josh Pickering

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I also have the Volt setup. When I rotate the gimbal left and right under weight, the sled pans as well even when my hand is not on the gimbal sleeve. I’m shooting in Utah and the temp yesterday morning was 9 degrees on set. Thinking it has something to do with the cold but I have been using a hairdryer to heat it up and seems better but it’s still not “loosey goosey” when I move the the gimbal left or right. The sled essentially pans by itself when I move the gimbal. Any thoughts? 

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Hi Josh,

I had the same problem, it happened to me too with low temperatures:

"when I turn on the volt and start the pan the system starts to fluctuate, only after several ignition attempts does the system start well"

they have replaced the main board in the gimbal unit and encoder sensor in Burbank.


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It could be pan wag caused by your pan bearing needing a good cleaning. Does it happen when the gimbal handle is influencing it or completely stationary when on your balancing stud?


Also other things:

If this happens while in a tilt with the volt on, just adjust your side to side to stop the pan.

Be cautious of the tension of the volt cable it's lack of slack could influence pan.


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