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G50/x vs. Sachtler Artemis Arm


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Hello everyone! I have an opportunity to upgrade my kit was wondering if anyone has had experience with both of these arms and how they perform? I can purchase the G50 for a really good price and plan on having the X upgrade from Tiffen, but another seller has a non-carbon Artemis arm that I'm interested in although it is the more expensive option.

I like the on-the-fly adjustment features of the Tiffen arm but I have no idea what the Sachtler offers because there is so little literature out there about it, I do think I need a tool to adjust lift however.  I only have experience with the Tiffen Scout arm for context. I hope any of you expert ops can help me out with my investment decision. Thanks!

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I am absolutely no expert but i have had experiences with both these arm (carbon version for the artemis).

If the upgrade for the G50 is not to expensive (better check that in advance) i would definitely go with a G50(x). The main reason would be to have the Ride adjustment (and indeed the toolless).

But if I remember well last time I checked the upgrade was so expensive it was almost the same as buying a brand new G50x.

If memory serve the Artemis is designed like a Master or 3A arm, meaning that for it to be more isoelastic it needs to be near its maximum weight range. With a pretty light package (what I had when i used it) it is really 'springy' and you need to work harder to maintain boom. Plus the one I had was making pretty loud noises because of the cable design.

Another thing to consider is how easy it would be to have the arm serviced. Should be pretty easy for Steadicam, but I don't know if Arri as any service for camera stabilizer in north america.

Could be a pain to have to send it to Germany for service.


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