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Shawn Adams

Getting back in shape

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Hello all.  I've been operating Steadicam for about 25 years and since the advent of the motorized gimbals, I've not used my Steadicam much..  Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to re-condition myself (other than wearing my rig and running around the house with it a few times a day).  I'm feeling it in my lower back after 10-15 minutes and I want to work that out.  Any specific exercises or stretches, or do I just keep using it and all that? 


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Hi Shawn.

Yes, keep using it first of all.

I've found great for me to regain side to side balance (you'd be surprised how much of that we lack) working on one leg exercises. One leg dead lifts and side planks (in all its variations of movements). Also stepping up and down a chair or something this height, from the side. No momentum. Learned that from the great Liz Cash. Also, look her up if you're looking for great personalized tips. @lizcashmachine

I did learn that the most important thing for us 'long hours' people, is that we need the stamina of stabilizer muscles ("slow twitch" ones), the very internal ones connected to the spine, like iliopsoas and the 'Steadifamous' QL (quadratus lumborum), for those; real breathing awareness while doing anything in life (even balancing-in-the-subway-without-holding kinda thing). And any regular exercise done with awareness of the most important machine: our diafragm. Real good breathing techniques are your best friend for life.

Also visual and vestibular exercises for motor control. Those that look silly, but if you actually commit to them, you become a super op as well! ;) (Liz has a great bunch of those, and there's something on youtube too)

I'm working on a Body Awareness on Set workshop for next year in US. I'm starting first in Portuguese in Brazil this January. Very exciting! There will be stuff online as well. Maybe you get to join us one of these days.

Have fun and be safe!


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