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Cmotion FIZ For Sale

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Hi all,

I'm selling off my Cmotion FIZ. It appears to have a fault somewhere as connection between the handsets and the Camin can be unreliable so I officially selling it for spares or repairs. I bought this ex rental and have used it as a B system for the past few years. I figured it's probably too old to service but I'm sure it will have value to someone. I've just been testing it and it is working perfectly, but I have had issues on set so tend to just use another system and this is sitting on the shelf. 

Some of the spares are pretty valuable:

2x Cmotion FIZ Coperate Handsets

1x Cmotion Camin FIZ Interface with antenna

3x Heden M26VE motors (These alone at £1,750+VAT each new)

3x Motor Cables

1x D-Tap Power Cable

10x Focus Marker Rings

1x Cmotion Czoom wired Controller (Like a Microforce) This appears to work fine!

1x Long and 1x short Czoom control cable

1x Czoom bracket


3x Batteries BUT these are old and need replacing

Quality Custom Flightcase

The motors and Czoom alone have significant value so I'd like to get £1,990+VAT. Given the weight I'd prefer a UK buyer who can collect in person.




+44(0)7773 179773



Cmotion Motors.jpg


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Hi all,

This is taking up shelf space so I'd like to sell. Buy it for the 3 Heden motors and the micro force alone and throw the rest away if you'd like! This is a very cheap way to get some spare motors!

MASSIVE PRICE CUT - £890+VAT (if required)!

I can ship it but it's quite a heavy case.

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