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Steadicam Pilot with upgraded wiring and SmallHD Monitor

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Steadicam Pilot upgraded to HD

The wiring has been upgraded with a strand of Belden 179DT to be shielded enough to carry HD signal. The video line terminates at the base of the post and top stage using DIN connectors instead of RCA. The topstage power connector has been replaced with a Lemo 0B 3 pin connector for a more secure connection to match larger rigs like the Flyer.

The monitor has been replaced with a SmallHD Focus monitor (brand new with film over screen... the project I planned for it fell through and I already have another rig). The monitor is paired with a Small HD D-Tap dummy battery for power off of the V-mount battery plate. A short RG179 cable is also included for a clean connection from the DIN connector to the BNC on the monitor.

This is set up with a V-Mount plate right now, but if you prefer a gold mount plate I can swap it before shipping or include it for later.

See pictures below. C-Stand not included.

Asking $1350 + shipping

Steadicam Pilot 1.jpg

Steadicam Pilot 3.jpg

Steadicam Pilot 2.jpg

Steadicam Pilot 5.jpg

Topstage video.jpg

Topstage power.jpg

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