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Erwin Landau

Pro Sled for sale:

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Pro Sled for sale:


- 2nd Generation PRO Donkey Box with FF Bracket

- 2nd Generation Upper PRO Junction Box

- 2nd Generation PRO Post with Bayonet mount (tooless)

- PRO Gimbal with Gold Wrench

- Wrap Grip (gray)

- Marell Deluxe 5" CRT Monitor with Monitor Arm and Hood

- Highly enhanced PRO Lite Battery Module with Bayonet Mount

(Anton Bauer Battery Gold Mounts)


- 11 Anton Bauer Compac Batteries

- 1 Anton Bauer 4 position Quick Charger

- 3 Pana Camera Plates (1 long, 2 short)

- 2 PRO Docking rings (gray)

- 1 Arri/Aaton/Video 12 Volt Camera Power Cable

- 1 Moviecam 24 Volt Camera Power Cable

- 1 PRO Monitor Cable

- 1 Marell weight plate (to match the weight of a TB-6)

- 1 Pelican 1650 case for Sled

- 1 Anvil case for Batteries

- 1 5/32 Wrench

- all User Manuals


All Parts recently serviced and/or updated and in perfect working condition.

(PRO Lite battery module in new condition, never used on a job)


Asking: $22'500.-


If interested, please contact:


Erwin Landau


Erwin Landau, SOC



818-448-2639: Cell



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You forgot the best part of the package! FREE artwork by the youngest Landau!

Mine was a lovely sunset over the beach... carefully explained by the artist herself.


Seriously guys, I purchased Erwins other ProLite rig that was offered for sale in December. He takes amazing care of his gear, it was in perfect condition. He made sure I understood every part of the rig I needed, and made sure I was connected with GPI incase of any problems. I highly recomend buying this rig, I only wish I could afford it right now as a backup.



Thanks Again Erwin;

Ron Bolte

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So... to answer all inquires at the same time:


- This was my Back Up rig. It has a couple of "older" Componantes.

- It's a 12/24 Volt system, as all PRO rigs are.

- It's a 2 Battery system using Anton Bauer Goldmount batteries. ALL A/B Batteries will fit and work on this rig.

- It's very simular to the "Jerry Rig" exempt: it has a Voltage indicator LED for each battery (2) so you can use batteries that are not Digital.

- Yes you can fly a 435 at high speed, as the batteries I'm selling are NiCad's.

- No it's not over priced, The Battery module is brand spanking new, it's Serial # 026, the last ever assembled and never used on a job since.

- It's one of 5 PRO Lites that I used to own, This one is NEW, meaning it was not used on a Job, EVER.

- I did some modification to it (As I did with all of mine that I ever owned), which will allow you to use an Onboard recorder and let you use and mount Gyros and other AKS to the unit.

- There are some cosmetic issues with the post due to some pre Gorelock docking.

- The PRO SuperPost will work with this set up.

- All componantes of the rig were checked out by GPI and pasted or got replaced if they didn't.


- Guy's it's a used rig, if you want one that looks like it came straight from George, go to George. He has a couple of rigs in stock ready to ship!

- I'm aware that you have to get some other parts to compleat the set up... That's why it's advertised as "Sled only"... all other "missing" parts can be found for sale on the market. Do your homework!!!!

- If it's to expensive for you, there are a couple Master Series for sale at the moment.



No part will leave my hands unless tested and in a condition that I would be comfortable working with... Ask anybody that ever bought anything from me!



Here a quick pix of the rig: (Quality is bad as I'm still trying to figure out that Digital thing... but it should give you an Idea.)

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Here a picture of the back up rig (PRO Lite #008) in action on a Music Video with the Marell and a 435, after my Primary got damaged in the famous freak Yakuzzy (Spelling?) incident.

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Hi Ron,


I'm happy to hear that you are still happy with your purchase... Any recent pictures available?


FYI: The Artwork is only includet if you pick up the rig personally... that is a requirment, set by the artist (Victoria).

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I have to throw in a shout out for erwin here. I bought most of my PRO 1 sled from him and I am very happy with the set-up he sold me. It was a great price and the gear is very well taken care of. It was like I bought it new.........but used.

Thanks again Erwin.


BJ "Cheap ass BEEATCHHH!!!" McDonnell

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Erwin, My wife wants to know if that is "Handsome Rob" from the Italian Job in the Photo next to the car? I don't think it is.




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Yep, that is Jason Statham. It was the music Video for "the Transporter" also we shot some additional stuff for the DVD that never mad it on it...


Side note:

We recreated some of the films chase scenes... but the only car they could find was the new BMW 745i as supposed the older style 740i that was used in the movie...

Anyhow we crashed it twice (the stunt driver tried to slide the car sideways... the car had traction control... you get the picture...) had stunt guys and the actors jump on to the car had it scratched and a couple of dents... only almost at the end the producer came running out of the trailer to tell us that it was a rental from Budget Beverly Hills and that he had a $2500.- deductable on the insurance....

And by the way at the time there where no parts available as the car was brand new of the cargo ship, so the art department had to make up a new spoiler out of thin air... and they did...


Erwin "I have some pictures somewhere...." Landau, SOC

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Hi Erwin;

Yep, still totally enamored with the rig.


Heres a couple from an HVAC manufacturers commercial.




"No, I'm not bored and annoyed... I always look like this..."







I take direction well eh?


Hope all is well with you and the family!



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