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Does anyone know how to center an Aero gimbal??

Laurent Da

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Hi Everybody,

While practicing today I have noticed something terribly odd while doing a Static Balance. Once the Steadicam is in perfect static balance, if I rotate it 180 degree on the balancing spud the entore system is out of balance. If I rotate it back to where it was originally it becomes perfectly balanced again.

I suspect maybe the pan bearing being off centered but would appreciate if someone could shine some light for me and if possible, let me know how to fix this.

Thanks again and happy holiday to all!

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On 12/21/2020 at 9:13 AM, Martin Fueloep said:


as far as I know it should be about the same for the Aero-gimbal:


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick reply. I truly appreciate it. I read Werner post but it remains quite difficult to understand want he means with this solution. People in the thread requests videos and/or photos but none are posted. 

Any chance you could detail a bit more what solution could work for this particular issue? 


I thank you again for your help

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