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ADMINS- Please get rid of this. there is just absolutely no reason why I should have to use a 3rd party app to get into a website. unless this is some setting that ive got on my omputer that ive never encountered before, i think that this is a result of the website. i just absolutely cannot stand stuff like this and there is no reason that on a discussion forum, not a place where any real important or secure information is secured, that there sould be some kind of authentication beyond username and password.

sorry, this is extremely frustrating and annoying.

hopefully im being an idiot and this is something having to do with my computer or internet browser settings...





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Part of what I do is SysAdmin work and have run servers for years (decades). Generally Google Authenticator is used to lock down the admin portion of forum or WebApp software from prying eyes. Generally, it is not used by the general user public accessing forum software. If they were accessing the backend to do forum admin work, then that is a different story.

Google Authenticator is good for what it is intended for, sysadmin work on webapps like forum or blogging software. For general Userland kind of stuff, like it has been said, is overkill. 

My 2 cents worth.

Hope everyone is doing well and has meaningful work that is relatively safe.

EDIT: Saw Lawrence's post. Could be the settings of Google Authenticator have been adjusted to only the Admin and backend of this forum software.

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I keep getting kicked out of the forum for 24hrs because I can't link the google authenticator app to the email I have in the steadicamforum system. I have now been trying this for 2 weeks, sure would love to sell some gear. I agree with Brett, this is extremely annoying, mostly because I have no other way to login or get in touch with anyone who can help me. Can an admin please contact me via email or by phone? Not sure what to do at this point as I've tried every option google and google authenticator have given me. chrissmithvideo@gmail.com

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