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Question about batteries

Jeremy Chen

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I'm interested in what people come back with on this too.  Seems like AB vs Vlock is a regional preference.  Between those two many will say that Vlocks are prone to fall off but I've personally never seen that happen.  So when shopping for myself and deciding what my steadi will have, I'm basing my decision on which of the two are more readily available.  

The rest is more subjective.  Capacity and weight can influence how you build so choose based on how many you want to fly on the rig and how many batts you want to own.  Brands;  Anton Bauer, Hawkwoods, Core, IDX and Watson all seem to have good enough reviews depending on the line within their brand that you choose.

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Batteries should match your work. I have Dionic XT batteries (90wH) for my commercial/scripted kit, and generic "BCB" (150wH) batteries for my live kit. In the past, battery brand name probably mattered more, but lately, the generic batteries seem to function just fine. And for the price, you're fine going for cheaper generic batteries if you need. 

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