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Volt Docking brackets, Tiffen bracket vs. Tiffen fork on a Hill bracket

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Does anyone have any strong opinions about the best docking bracket for a Volt?  I'm upgrading to a Volt gimbal, and Tiffen has designed the Volt padded fork to mount directly into my Hill bracket.  I love the Hill bracket, so thinking of just adding the Volt padded fork to my existing bracket.  Any reason the Tiffen bracket would be better?



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The Tiffen bracket has a docking/balancing pin just to the left of where it mounts to the stand which I like. Means you don't have to pull out the docking pin or spin the dock around (which you still can if you want to spin balance), just lift the rig and place it on that pin which is close to the center of the stand and you don't have to worry about being over a leg and the stand tipping over. Hope I made myself clear here. The Tiffen dock as opposed to the Hill Gorelock takes a little getting used to docking below the gimbal and you must take care not to pinch your hand when placing the rig in the dock by hand. Some choose to forego the added clearance above the gimbal and keep using the Gorelock with the ring.

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mark- one of the design ideas with the Tiffen dock was to keep everything below the fork so that the Volt bits on the gimbal wouldn't be inadvertently hit and damaged. Using the Hill bracket with the Tiffen fork is possible, but there is more opportunity for accidental collisions.

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