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Preston MDR 2 + cables & Pro Steadicam bracket

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MDR2 in good condition with all the upgrades (G4 / Blue dot), Pro mounting bracket and following cables:

Panavision 24v x2
Arri / Moviecam 24v x1
Ptap x1, Pro (MDR to sled) x1

Red digital x2
Red Epic x2
Panavision x2
Arri /Moviecam x2
Arri 435 x1

Others: Arri Auxiliary Y cable x2 & 30' command cable x1

Asking $1,000 OBO

currently in Atlanta, GA. Will ship anywhere.

contact: rtournois@gmail.com

MDR 2 #1jpg.jpg

MDR 2 #2.jpg

MDR 2 #3.jpg

MDR 2 #4.jpg

MDR 2 #5.jpg

MDR 2 #6.jpg

MDR 2 #7.jpg

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