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Volt gimbal for Arri Artemis

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Hi everyone


I'm currently looking to buy a new rig and have my eyes on the Arri Artemis (1.74" post) to pair it with the Volt.

Has anybody already used this setup? Please let me know what your experiences are with setting it up and using it.






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I don't think Arri has adapted their gimbal to the Volt.

The M2 gimbal/Volt combination can come in a 1.750 post size, which will probably work with the Arri centerpost at 1.740 - I suggest you get a good set of calipers on the ARRI post and also communicate with the Tiffen factory to be sure everything will work out, or if Tiffen can make specific spacers to account for the .010 nominal difference in diameters. That should be possible.

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