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SmallHD 703UB Reversible COG Brackets

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I have come to a nice version of the bracket I posted a couple days ago and am going to do a small run of them for anyone interested. I think 10 pairs is what I am going to do initially. Come with all hardware needed (the stainless 1/4 20 bolt length will depend on your monitor yoke and we can figure out which ones you need).

The bracket is reversible, making it useful for using a battery or not. It keeps the mounting point flush with the monitor for the thinnest profile possible. The nylon washers, along with the through axle design and locknut allow you to dial in the amount of rotational resistance and it will never change. I rocked the first gen of mine for about 6 months and never touched it. Rotate the monitor to where you want it and it just stays.

All told the mounting kit is 57 grams in weight- hardware included.

I am selling ones from this first run for 100 plus shipping. Please shoot me an email if interested: jpmsteadi@gmail.com







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12 hours ago, Lawrence Karman said:

What yoke do you mount it to?



I currently use them on a Tiffen Universal Monitor Bracket, but these offsets should be able to be used with any yoke. Currently designed for a 1/4-20 through bolt, but if you have specific needs I can work to make sure it will be compatible with your yoke!


all the best,


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