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Trinity in the Rain...

Brian Rose

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For all the Trinity Steadicam Operators out there..... does anyone have any thoughts on using the Trinity in the rain? What parts need to be covered, not covered or any thoughts on how to protect the electronics. Covering the lower sled seems straight forward but mostly the problem of weather proofing the Trinity head. Thought or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Trinity Op in Vancouver, Canada.

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Hey Brian,

I’m an avid follower of Junior Luciano who has many hours in the rig, and he’s posted a few photos on his Instagram of his rain and snow builds. For the most part it looks like a full cover, loose, light trash bag is the way to go for the rain. I’ve added a photo screen cap I took of his Instagram. 
He’s got a video of him operating with it as well. 

I’m not sure if it’s the best solution, but it’s all I’ve seen so far.

Good Luck!

- N. Kramer - Local 600 1st AC


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BJ talk to your Trinity rep, I’m guessing it’s Alan. When I asked about rain cover for the head he said cover the camera like normal, the base/ electronics of the trinity head, they wrap in shield wrap/car wrap and don’t do anything for the motors. They say the motors are fine to get wet. 

I did this for an ASUS commercial in Washington state Olympic park where it rained on us for 3 days strait. Had no problems! 

In case you didn’t know there is a Facebook group for trinity ops, you can reach most of us there including Curt Schaller. As opposed to here. Not many trinity ops here.  

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