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M1 Volt Stiffener Bracket

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My show got pushed two more weeks, so some more design work.

I have had some slight issues with some vibrations when mounting things to the front of the volt. specificlly on a show where for real low mode stuff we would mount a light ranger 2 with a low mode monitor. I had a 3d printed solution that worked okay, but the last two days I designed and built this:

A volt stiffener bracket for the M1 with standard volt mounting. Uses three bolts from the cover plate under the top stage and mounts to one of the back threaded holes on the volt. Triangulates the volt control box and makes it super solid. The bracket is silver in these photos, but will be anodized black when delivered. Ships with all stainless hardware needed to install.

60 dollars plus shipping. Please email jpmsteadi (at) gmail.com if interested





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