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Difference exovests

Stefano Camaioni

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Hi Stefano,

There is only one version of the Exovest. In the first weeks of production, we changed several details, and immediately offered these changes as free upgrades. I believe we tracked down all the vests that were shipped prior to the changes, but it's possible—though pretty unlikely—that some owners didn't bother with those upgrades. 

There have been two further changes since then. The shoulder latch used to have a Delrin grip. This was switched to an aluminium grip, which was lower profile. The pads were also improved, though only marginally, and you'd only notice the difference if you work in extremely hot or cold conditions. Both these changes are offered for sale through Tiffen. Neither is essential, but they make for nice improvements. 

The structure, and underlying function, of the Exovest is unchanged since its inception.

If you are on the cusp of buying a used one, I should be able to identify any variations if you can send me photos. The older shoulder-latch grips are glossy black, and about 1cm thick; the new ones are about half that, and are clearly metallic. The old pads are black, with a closed mesh against the body; the new ones have a dark grey, open mesh.


All the best,


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