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Overseas shipping to Heden in Sweden

Kevin Gallagher

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I have a Heden Carat system and need to ship the handset back to Heden for service/repair. While trying to navigate the customs forms and product descriptions as well as the unit cost and duties I am totally lost. The last thing I want to do it have this handset sitting in customs somewhere for lack of a specific form and as a result I am paralyzed with indecision. On one FEDEX shipping attempt it looked like I was going to have to pay $800 in duties and taxes on top of the $200 in shipping charges. No way am I paying that for this crappy unit. 

Any guidance/advice is greatly appreciated. Comments like "should have bought a Bartech" I already know. This is definitely my last purchase from a company that does not have a US repair presence. 



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First off, maybe Camadeus in Burbank services Heden? Secondly, I once sent a motor to Heden for repair. Think I just listed a low value and specified "Returned to Manufacturer for Repair" on the FedEx Bill of Lading form you can get from them. Magnus should know how to ship it back without you incurring duty.

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