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Selling my lightly used Smartsystem Matrix Sled.

I custom ordered this set up.  It comes with additional DJI parts to plug and play a Ronin 2 right away.  Just need the gimbal and batteries!

Have lots of accessories I'm including into the sled package with DJI components that do NOT come with the sled new, (top stage Ronin Mount and the battery housing)  as well as a low-mode monitor bracket, (2) 2-pin lemo cords that can power monitors or other accessories through the sled, 2nd battery plate

I had Smartsystem also make a custom "U" Bracket for my set up to give the gimbal handgrip more clearance to mount a monitor on the gimbal handle like an Arri Trinity set up.  Also comes with the Smartsystem Pan-Lock Bracket for the Ronin when you configure the Sled in "Ronity" mode.

Comes with everything you see here.  Nothing wrong with the sled, just downsizing.  Please feel free to ask any questions!

All of this together cost me a little over $10K new.

(C-stand not included, but does come with the SmartSystem docking bracket)

Asking $8500 OBO

SmartSystem Sled-4.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-8.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-7.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-6.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-5.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-1.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-2.jpg

SmartSystem Sled-3.jpg

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I know some of you may not be familiar with the SmartSystem sled, so here's a video of me using it in the "Ronity" configuration, and then a quick video of the sled in normal steadicam mode in dynamic balance.

It really is a versatile sled and very well made.  And the customer service and support with SmartSystem has been absolutely amazing. 

I'm only selling because I am getting out of steadicam oping and moving into DPing and directing.  So the sale isn't because of it being a subpar product. 

Check out the video below!

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