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TB6 Troubleshooting

Maxwel Fisher

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Hi All! Just acquired a TB6 monitor second hand which I'm incredibly excited about! I'm trying to troubleshoot a small issue that after talking to Greg might have something to do with the 8pin - 8pin Lemo cables I have. 

The monitor as I understand was serviced prior to purchase. I have the BNC switch in the 75 ohm (Terminated) position. The 8pin I'm using for power out of the LEH of a Pro Cinema HD is the same one I've been using for power in my Transvideo (through the accs. port). 

Channel 1 and 2 show the normal no video message (I have not yet been able to get a camera to test video feed). However Channel 3s grey scale pattern displays heavily distorted. The jumper block currently installed shares C/M power on the bottom back with accessory power being just above. No power is being fed to the battery position directly under the monitor. I'm going to try changing the jumper block, but still feel like after doing what Greg suggested, it might be the way the 8pin is wired....any other suggestions?


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