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Isaac J. E. Garcia

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Hello fellow operators. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give some insight on what fair rates are to charge? I have had this discussion a couple of times but it seems to vary greatly. I am curious to know if people charge by the hour, give a day rate, and what all is included. I see many experienced ops say not to take low rates because it undercuts them and I completely understand that concern, but I am not trying to have that conversation. I just want to see how people go about negotiating. I am not sure if this will help but I started operating a glidecam with a vest in 2015, went to the aero in 2017, and now using a zephyr. My experience all comes from set and reading the steadicam operator's manual. I was saving for a workshop pre pandemic and I will do one once this starts to clear up a bit. I have worked on plenty of shorts, one feature, and a lot of other miscellaneous shoots but I have a ton to learn and I appreciate any guidance anyone is willing to offer. Thanks for your time.

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