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Bolt 3000 Rx/Tx 2:1 Kit

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I have decided to sell this system as I haven't put it to work in over a year. The entire kit was sent in for service at the very end of 2018 and given a clean bill of health. Thanks to the pandemic, it has seen very little action in the time since. There is evidence of wear and tear on all components but no structural damage. I'm asking $10,500. I'll gladly ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Below is a break down of the contents. Please feel free to contact me directly. 

818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com

Teradek Case

  • 1x Tx SN 99600440
  • 1x Rx SN 99700598
  • 1x Rx SN 99700599
  • 1x Array antenna with yoke
  • 1x Rx cradle with gold-mount battery plate
  • 5x Array cables
  • 2x baby pin mount
  • 2x Tx antenna
  • 10x Rx antenna
  • 1x Tx mounting bracket
  • Assorted Tx 1/4-20 mounting bolts

Camera Essentials divided pouch

  • 2x 2-pin to 2-pin power 
  • 2x 4-pin to 2-pin power (XCS sled power)
  • 2x Panavision power
  • 2x P-tap to 2-pin power
  • 2x straight BNC
  • 2x curly BNC
  • 1x USB
  • 1x HDMI
  • 2x AC power



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