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Introducing the ZeeGee!

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Introducing the ZeeGee! A new way to deliver the handheld look leveraging your existing Steadicam arm and vest for shooting flexibility and comfort. The ZeeGee perches on your armpost and offers free movement in pan, tilt and roll with easy control. Dialable drag in tilt for the operator, locks in all axes for the AC when they need to work on the camera, and the DP will love that you can frame up off the dock for lighting purposes. It can jump onto a baby pin down on the deck or up on a combo stand, all with full control over the operating.

I came up with this concept over a decade ago while wrestling with the early 35mm sensor digital cameras and the ensuing long takes that came with them and built a couple of prototypes—longtime members of this group may recall seeing clips of a babyfaced Neal Bryant running around with one years ago. Neal had tremendous success with that prototype on various sets, so I've joined with Cinema Devices and finally able to bring this market!

The price of the ZeeGee unit is $5500 with various accessories available. We will be running a limited promotion for the first run of units, pricing to be announced shortly.


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Good question! In theory, because this is essentially an "unSteadicam", you could get away with some of the lesser 3rd party arms because you won't be looking for the highest performance in terms of smoothness and isolation...in other words, unlike Steadicam, part of the way there is good enough. That said, I can't specifically endorse a particular brand of those. Amongst the better arms, I think the NB would be a great solution.

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