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I'm looking for practice cage blueprint

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I'm looking for practice cage blueprint, I know a guy who would build it it for me but I don't have any and I don't know how to make one myself with a software. Does anyone has one?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Francis,

I myself am extremely new to steadicam and have also looked into the same thing. I have been reading through the steadicam operators handbook and there is a short section that covers practice cages. It’s doesn’t include any blue prints. There are however pictures and it goes into some detail on the design and function of the practice cages often used in workshops. Maybe checking that out and seeing what your mounting points will be like eg - mounting the cage to the sled or sharing that with the person that can build it for you might get you started in the right direction. Please let me know if you find any additional information about practice cages!!


Happy Flying,


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Hey John,

I made a blueprint for a practice cage last year and let a machinist make it for me. I didn't post it here in the forum because there are people like Janice Arthur who make them and sell them and I don't want to step on anybodys toes. You can hit me up via dm and we can talk about it.

Cheers, Paul

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