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Weebil Lab - Any owners out there willing to pass on some advice?

Jim venner

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I could be barking up the wrong tree here as it seems most posts here relate to high end gear, but I was wondering if there was any Weebill Lab users out there who could answer a couple of questions for me?

I have just Picked up a second hand one, and having never used any gimbal before I was wondering if what I have found is normal... or if indeed I need to be contacting the seller!

Firstly, the Pitch and Yaw axis can all be locked in place, but the roll only locks in one direction. I'm thinking this should not be the case.

Secondly, There seems to be a lot of play in the gimbal arms, I would imagine they should fit snug.

Footage I have capture seems to have a lot of movement and jumps...which is exactly why I got a gimbal to eliminate this!


Any advice?


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