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X-Arm vs. Titan vs. G-70

John Hoover

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On 6/16/2021 at 11:52 AM, John Hoover said:

What are the major differences in how these arms perform?

Hey John, here is a link to a couple videos showing a comparison of the Titan and G-70x done by @chris fawcett.

In theory, they all perform the same way; taking the weight of the rig and isolating your movements from the rig while suspended. 

I would say the big difference is how the arms are adjusted. Personally, I like the titan arm. It's what I own and what I've gotten comfortable with. I can "tune" it quickly both under load and with the rid docked. The G-70(x) as I understand it has to be adjusted under load. There are also two separate adjustments, one for load and one for ride. I don't know enough about the arm to go into detail. My fifteen minutes of experimenting with the arm on a friends rig made me appreciate the titan arm more (again, my personal experience). I don't know anything about the X-Arm.

Here is a video of how the adjustments work on the G-70(x).


If I have any gripe about the Titan arm, it's the way it has to be adjusted with an Allen wrench. I do appreciate the ease of adjustment on the G-70(x).

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