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Teradek 15mm Mounting Stud

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I like mounting the teradek to the camera via a 15mm stud (have been using a small rig one with a double ended 1/4-20 for years)  and a 15mm rod clamp. It allows easy orientation of cables and, unlike a cinelock, doesn't wiggle at all. The only downside was that sometimes the teradek would loosen itself on the rod.

I designed this to get away from that and be more compact/purpose built. It uses the main 1/4-20 hole and one of the smaller holes (either m3 or 4-40 depending on age) offset from it to make sure the teradek won't rotate.
Selling them for 35 dollars plus shipping (which should be quite cheap via USPS within the states).
They come with a 1/4-20 stainless bolt, an m3 stainless for the newer Bolt 3000 and XT, and a 4-40 stainless bolt for the Bolt 2000 and older. Please see the new pictures for more of the part on my Bolt 2k and some of the anodized ones. The anodizing will be slightly different piece to piece as the different batches are slightly different shades of black.

Please let me know if you have any questions! You can PM me here, or email me: jpmsteadi (at) gmail (dot) com





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