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Accessories and Cables for My First Rig

Kyle Cummings

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I'm about to buy my first rig and I think I have all the major components sourced (vest, arm, sled, batteries, monitor), but what are the other items that I can't live without?? I've been told by a few folks that it's great to have an assortment of power cables for various cameras and a rain suit for at least the arm. What else should I be looking to get? Many thanks!

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Kyle, I just went through this with my Trinity, and my Artemis! I had a cable get pinched by an AC, in a pelican case. I had to scramble to get it fixed in the middle of a shoot. Now I have double/ duplicates of everything, so I can tell you what I did.

I purchased double of everything because I now like to have backups, you never know when a cable is going to go bad and if you only have one… you could be screwed. 

sdi/ bcc cables I like to carry an assortment of lengths. I like the kind from shape they are super thin. 
power cables for all the cameras you think you will fly. 
Depending on your sled, 2pin Leno (or whatever your sled output is) to dtap for camera accessories and power.

thats a start. Once you start working on set you figure out what you like to have and what you need. I keep everything in a camera essentials cable wallet. I have 2 of them that are identical and labeled so an AC can go in there and see where everything is.

I keep all my rain gear in my pelican with my vest so it’s always there but that’s just my O.C.D.

Also keep tools with you, Alan sets, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. you’ll use tools all the time setting up and tearing down cameras. I always like to beat my AC’s to the tools. 

Don’t forget to label and mark everything with your name/colors. Things tend to wander off if it’s not marked.

Other than that the best way to learn is from experience. So get out there and start working on stuff. 


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