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Going straight to the Trinity?

Ryan Kwok

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Hello everyone! 
I am so grateful for this forum as I’ve been reading for years now. It’s finally time for me to get my own rig (while I know there aren’t many trinity operators here) I was wondering what people’s thoughts were on learning/finding a mentor straight for the trinity without work on a regular steadicam? Physically I’m more than handling confident in the large rig - just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts given that some of the other operators in town often talk about how different the two systems are.

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Ryan, dm me and I’d be happy to talk to you.
Also all the trinity ops are in a fb group, until arri gets their forum going!

Trinity is hard! It’s not just about physical ability. You have to learn the basics before you add on more complications. 
Steadicam is hard by itself, and I’d say trinity is harder. You have more things to be aware of, more things to learn, more things to worry about. It also costs a lot more. 
Arri suggests your a steadicam op for at least 4 years before picking up a trinity, because it’s hard. They want you to have a working knowledge of steadicam (because the basics are the same) before you add all the trinity moves on top of the basics. 
It’s also good to have that knowledge in case your trinity has a malfunction. You can swap over to normal steadicam and keep going. Sure you won’t be able to do trinity moves but at least you have some sort of a backup. If your only a trinity op, you will not be able to operate a normal steadicam. They are that different. 

That’s just scratching the surface. There’s loads more reasons why, If you want to talk more feel free to dm me!


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